Tuesday, October 17, 2006

as promised....

As promised, although a little late, (sorry Ann.. LOL) new pic's.. no smiles though... nobody wanted to smile today.. they actually wanted me to take the picture, then they want me to show it to them on the back of my camera, i thought I had at least a few more years until that happens???

Not much news to report! we're getting used to staying inside now. We have a new play area in the basement, so we spend alot of time down there in the morning! They can now go down the stairs by themselves, but like to go right back up and climb down again, so I have to stand at the top and pray that they don't take a tumble, so far, no tumbles.. (ok, maybe 1, but don't tell G'ma Schuette)!! We have a toy box, made especially by Papou, that fits under our pool table, it can be pulled out like a giant drawer, they like to sit in there & play, it's quite funny... we have it gated off where our tv & sofa are, so I can sit over there and watch and not be climbed on.. but most of the time I find myself on the floor with them, either playing or refereeing (sp?)

Chase, Chase, Chase.. gentle giant.. he weighs in at almost 31 lbs now.. what can i say about him? he is constantly in trouble.. I have to be careful because If i'm not watching, and I hear a cry, from either Devin or Macy, Chase gets in trouble.. but what if it wasn't Chase that did it??? Well, it usually is, but i'll be paying more attention!

Macy, our sweet girl.. She is so loveable, out of the three, she is my hugger, kisser, snuggler, she likes to be close to me, if i'm sitting on the floor, she will most likely come over and sit on my lap and give me a kiss!! when she wakes up she always gives me a kiss.. She loves her dolls & her "meow", she can growl like a tiger and she loves to "talk" on the phone.. She says, Hello.. (well, we know it's hello, but it doesn't really sound like it) She is the first to do everything. She likes to be my little helper, I can pretty much ask her to get anything and she'll bring it to me.. She "might" be our little tattle tale.. that is yet to be known..

Aw Devin, he is like Jekyll & Hyde.. He can be so sweet at times, but can turn on a dime.. If he is upset, he is un-con-solable.. there isn't much you can do for him, but let him just have a fit.. He'll throw himself down on the floor and turn into a total drama king.. He's got a mouth full of teeth too.. He loves, loves, loves bathtime and cries when I take him out.. he loves to splash and play with the bubbles. He is also a *major* Mama's boy. He also has mawmaw Connie under his spell, everytime he sees her, he knows that she'll pick him up & hold him, and then he signs "outside", he knows she'll take him outside.. Smart little punk'n..

They are all doing great, they understand everything I say, we're just waiting for their first "real" words any day now! They know several signs, they sign: More, cookie, all gone

I've also learned about a new secret weapon.. Sesame Street, they LOVE sesame street and will sit and watch it while it's on. Then I can take a shower.. it's a win-win..

Pumpkin patch this weekend.. i'll update with pic's...


Aunt Shelly said...

Oh how I miss them soooo much!! I cannot wait for soccer season to be over so we can take a trip to see you!! We are very excited to have all of you coming to St. Louis soon! We Love you and you are all so adorable! Mommy sure is good with that camera! Miss you, hugs and kisses! Aunt Shelly

Ma Ma Connie said...

They look so grown up!!! We just have to slow down time!! I'll have no more babies!!! When I am not with them I miss them!!

Ma Ma

McTriplet Mommy said...

They're so cute!! :)

The kids are really growing up... I'd love to get together some time and play in your basement... or our living room.

We're going to the pumpkin patch this weekend, too, can't wait to see pictures!!


Anonymous said...

I'm a little partial to black and whites or maybe to the little sweeties themselves, but these are great pictures! Thank you for posting new ones so often. I don't feel like I'm missing out as much...