Sunday, September 17, 2006

Baby Einstein

So, I'll preface this by saying, my kids have been little terrors lately, well 2 out of 3 anyway, So after reading Jess's blog about her boys watching Baby Einstein, I decided to give it a try again, in the past they've really never been too interested in it.. We had a new DVD from Uncle Ron & Aunt Susan that we hadn't watched before and I thought it would be a great time.. It was called "First Words".. So, I put it in.. they watched it a little, then went & played a little more.. I had it on replay so it would just keep playing all day.. I had to go upstairs and get something, when I came downstairs.. This is what I saw... They are both sitting,, quietly watching TV... Chase is in the recliner.. it's so cute!

Oh how sweet it was... It didn't last long though.. out of the 10 times it played though, I think we caught all of it AND we learned some new signs!!!

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