Friday, August 18, 2006

Triplet Parents Party...

Nobody appreciates time away from their kiddos and some adult conversation more than parents of TRIPLETS.. that's why we're getting ready for a night with the: Mullinax's, McBurney's, Horn's, Hammontree's and maybe the McCollum's (new triplet parents)... We can't wait to share stories and have some fun tomorrow night!! Hope the rain holds out.. !!!!

My kiddos will have a night with Grandma & Grandpa S... for the first time they "might" spend the night.... depends on how fussy they get... Here's a few pic's to share from this week..


Lenhartfamily said...

Awesome pictures!! They are adorable!
Sounds like a great time, getting all the trip parents together. We really need to get something like that started around here. Do you guys have a lot of triplet families around your area?
Have a great time!!!

Mom of Eryn, Maya and Kyra 22 months

Jennifer M. said...

YAY... I can't wait...the stories and fun should be plentiful!!! if only I could get Papa and Nana to keep my kiddos overnight!!! See you tonight!!