Thursday, August 31, 2006

A cool discovery.. Threading...

I made a cool discovery.. Threading.. I had heard of it before, but had never actually seen it done.. So when I saw that at our local mall there was a "threader", I was so excited and couldn't wait to have it done.. and what a bargain it was at only $10, I actually went on Sunday with Macy to the mall... but to make a long story short, there was another Tornado and we had to go to the basement of Macy's. When i say "another" tornado, that means that the last time I went to the mall on a Sunday, the same thing happened a few months earlier! I was frantic knowing that my kids were home with C, I know C all too well, and know that he will only go to the basement WHILE the tornado is on the roof... (ok, i'm exagerating)! Well, it happened again, only this time I had Macy with me. They would not let anyone leave the basement for over an hour. So by the time we were able to go, the mall was closing. So, back to my story, I was able to get out and about today, so I got "threaded" for the first time. About 15 seconds into the "threading" I was thinking to myself: " What the He** did I get myself into".. But I got throug it and am so glad I did.. It looks awesome.. If you want to read more about threading.. go here:

I also bought the kids' Halloween costumes today!!! but you'll have to wait to see them, let's just say they're "beary cute"..

In other news.. We are excited for the Nicozisin's to visit us this weekend.. We can't wait.

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Leigh said...

I have to look into this threading stuff. I just saw an episode of Bernie Mac where Wanda had to miss her eye waxing appointment and was really upset. Bernie just said, "You get me a candle, some tweezers, and a razor, and I'll have those eyebrows waxed in no time." That's much closer to my usual eyebrow waxing routine, so this threading may put me ahead of the times???