Saturday, July 08, 2006

Walk of Fame??

Ok. So we had to replace a piece of our sidewalk.. and since Chad is helping put in a new driveway next door, what better time than now to replace it? So the concrete came yesterday and although they are not done with the driveway next door, they poured our piece.. we decided to give it some flair and put the kiddos footprints in it.. We started out putting them down as they would be walking in the door.. one in front of the other, but after a few too many tries, we 86'd that and just put them in a straight line.. I wrote their names above their footprints and we topped it off with 2006 and now it will be there FOREVER.. or until it is replaced.. Since Chad grew up in this house their are little things like this all over this house.. out the backdoor, towards the garage, under the deck their are names engraved in the concrete.. I believe they are Chad, Shelly and a neighbor friend from like.. 1980 something.. and outside by the pool under the diving board there are more names in the concrete... downstairs in our basement their are name written on the wall.. phone numbers.. etc, etc... this house has a lot of history.. so we just made some more... above is the finished product...

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Anonymous said...

Your family is so blessed. I loved reading about how much history you have with that house and all the ways you're adding to it. I would love to have that kind of history with one home but my husband always has us on the five year plan! :)

By the way, I love your pictures. You know how to take a good one.

Much love,