Saturday, July 01, 2006

My daughter the genius...

I've been told many times that girls are just "smarter".. even on Monday the Ped told me that she would definately do everything first.. which she has, other than walking... But on Thursday we were out in the pool.. I hadn't asked her this in a long time, but she remembered.. and maybe she's been doing a little practicing at night in her crib?!?!.. I asked her where her belly button was? I didn't point to it, or point to mine or anything.. She went right to it..and pointed to it.. I then clapped my hands and said.. YAYYYY... she clapped her hands and said YAYYYY.... Later in the evening when I was changing them into PJ's.. I asked Chase where his belly button was?? No response, just a look of "I dunno" on his face.. Well.. Macy came right up and pointed it out for him.. He looked at her like... "smarty pants"... Here is a pic of her pointing it out for me.. She's our funny girl lately... and soooo smart!!

***Edited to add.. she is pointing with her right thumb, she sometimes will point with her index finger, but for her belly button she uses her thumb?? ***

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