Thursday, July 20, 2006

Goodbye Uncle Kevin!!

We'll miss you! We're so glad that you spent over an entire year with us!! Thanks for all your help! We really are going to miss you, but when you get to Texas we hope that we'll get to talk to you by video phone!!


Melissa Mullinax said...

Stephanie!! *gasp!!* That is a completely gorgeous shot!!! And that is one really handsome man too BTW!!

S~ said...

Thank you Melssa! It's my brother, he's moving back to TX and we're all sad to see him go!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a great year with you guys! I am going to miss all of you SOOOOOOOO much! I will try and make it up here to see you real soon! LOVE YOU ALL LOTS!!'
Uncle Kevin

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see Kevin go to Texas.
I'll miss his magic tricks...LOL