Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Backpacks for our school children..

Ok.. So Chad & I ventured out today and we actually took the kiddos and went to lunch at Joes Crabshack.. on the way in Devin had 2 shoes.. when we got home.. only 1.. So when Aunt Ann got here we "had" to go make a shoe run.. Need I say more? ........
Both the boys got spiderman backpacks..Devin some new sandals.. while Macy got some snazzy pink shoes & a Hello Kitty backpack.. Ann said that Macy asked her to buy it.. you know to put her trapper keeper in.. Ann also is giving the kiddos a Gigantic playhouse that I think they'll be able to actually live in.. I wonder if we have to get a permit for it? Thank you Aunt Ann.. See you on Saturday for the Birthday Bash..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't miss the Birthday Bash
for anything....can't wait to see
all of you!! Love, Ann