Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My little Woodchuck...

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Look at the side of Devin's crib for the answer... It seems as though we have a little otter.... a few mornings ago when i went into the nursery I noticed that Devin had little white specks all over his face & hands.. I looked at his crib and this is what I saw....... He has been chewing on his crib... I've since then tied a blanket around the end of the crib so he doesn't eat the wood.. but I know it's not long before he unties the blanket...... What to do??? Any crib chewing experts out there???

We have 2 walkers.. it seems as though Devin & Macy are about done with crawling,, they have been walking too.. especially Macy, she is a great walker.. Devin knows that he can get there faster by crawling, although I have caught him walking a few times!

On Monday while I was cleaning and trying to get a few things done, I turned on the satellite radio to Reggae and I had 3 little dancers... I also got a little movie of what we deal with evertime we drink bottles... Chase tries to steal all the bottles and we are learning "NO"... Now when I say no, they all 3 look at me and shake their heads "no".. it's quite funny!!! Check out our new movies!!!

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McTriplet Mama said...

EEK! Yeah, we have chewers (and biters!), too!

Hooray for walkers! Way before they're even one. Your babies are growing up!! :)