Wednesday, June 28, 2006

1 year Pediatrician Visit...

Ok.. so we have a new Dr.. We LOVE him.. Thanks Jen... He is the Mullinax trio's old Dr.. He moved and so we get him now.. He is wonderful.. The problem was that we only had two people to help with 3 toddlers getting shots..... we will Never make that mistake again.. here is how we ended up at 1 yr old.. Chase is still our big boy at 26 lbs 8 oz: 91%, Devin is in the middle at 20lbs 4 oz: 18%, Macy is still our petite gal at an even 19 lbs.: 20% !! We were given the go ahead to stop formula and do whole milk... which we were doing a lot of anyway.. it should be an easy transition for two of them... Chase loves his morning & nighttime bottle!! We've had a busy week this week so far and today we are going to St. Lukes to visit the nurses that took care of us! We are excited to see them and show off how big we are!!! I'm still working on Birthday party details for ya.. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us! It was a blast!! Here are some great pics we took on Sunday while playing outside!!! Happy Hump Day!

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