Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday, Monday.. everyone hates Monday!!

Except for me.. I got to sleep in today... Well, Kinda.. I thought maybe something might be wrong with my moniter,, I woke up a few times throughout the night to check it.. Did it come unplugged? I didn't hear a thing.. I had to check and make sure my babies were all still there! Maybe it was the fresh air yesterday, maybe it was all the people here, maybe it was the photos we took yesterday??? I don't know, but they slept until 9 am... I did give them their bottle at 7 am, but they went back to sleep!! Yay for me.. !! I needed that extra sleep..

We had a great weekend! Paul, Shelly & the boys came up on Sat am, and Mawmaw & Papou came up Sat afternoon. All the guys went to the game and the girls & "little" boys stayed behind..

Chase took steps.. I think he took about 7-8 steps.. Alex has to have breathing treatments with a nebulizer for his allergies, when Alex was done, Chase wanted his mask.. so we made him walk to it.. The first time he walked a few steps, caught his balance then walked a few more.. did we catch it on tape... ??? Yes, Mawmaw did.. I caught the next one but it wasn't as impressive.. He surprises us everyday as he gets braver!

We also do a bottle trick that is kinda funny, I'll try to catch it on film too.. Since they were born, they each have a color, of course M is pink, D is green & C is blue.. when I put the bottles down on the ground for them to come get them.. C goes right to his.. he knows exactly which on is his and he will tower over the other two to get it... D & M know which one is theirs, but they are content to drink a different color if they have to....

I mowed the yard yesterday... well... I got on the riding mower! I wanted to get a little sun and some fresh air while C was in with the babies... ummm big kids.. so I got on and took a little ride! It was fun.. but I don't want to do it again.. once a season is fine with me..

we took family pics yesterday .. I'm still working on them, but here is one of all the kids..

Also another Milestone.. We turned our carseats around facing forward.. all 3 have big seats now and can now watch DVD's.. !! Yay..

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Lisa said...

I love the new website. I can't wait to check it everyday.
Lisa Tracy

Uncle Kevin said...

Not enough pics! I thought you were a photographer?

Shelly said...

Stef, you did an awesome job taking our pictures this weekend! You'll have to put more up so everyone else can see how good you are! We had a great weekend and I miss C,M,D already! Alex asked if we could bring one baby home to keep for awhile, guess who he wanted....yes Devin. My boys have a thing for Devin, but they do love Chase and Macy too! We will see you at the end of the week! Shelly

Jennifer M. said...

Girl you are rocking on your photography!!! Love the new website.....I hope to have ours up and running in a few days!! :)

Meranda Lefebvre said...

Stef.. wow i'm so impressed that u have been taking all these wonderful pictures! The swim pic is sooo cute!! They are all getting so big I can't believe they will be 1 soon!! Hope to catch-up soon!! Miss ya xoxo