Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Meet Aunt Ann...

This is my really good friend Ann... We call her Aunt Ann in our house!

Ann gives so much to so many people and doesn't ask for anything in return.... (ok.. except for the occasional Prada bag or Manolo shoes..) Ann doesn't have a mean bone in her body.. (ok.. maybe "one", but only if provoked)

Ann got the most fabuloso news this weekend.. (yes, fabuloso is a word)... I'm keeping it top secret for now.. but if you could say a little prayer for Ann.. It would mean alot.. I know you don't know what your praying for yet... but if you pray and say... you know.. Ann.. cute, little Ann... God knows who your praying for and why!!

We couldn't be more excited for you Ann.... can't wait to hear how it is all progressing!!

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