Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I luvs my doggie!

M~ LOVES her doggie and she sleeps with it every night! It came from either Aunt Trish or Aunt Kay... But it is so sweet to watch her cuddle it at night.. She has some other animals in her crib.. but this is the one she holds on to all night! Soooo Sweet!

Today we went shopping for my Mother's Day gift... A big fat, cushy, rocker recliner.. I found one, bought it.. but couldn't get it home..

Grandma S went too.. we got all the kiddos in the cart.... no major meltdowns.. but the sales lady was more interested in the kids than making a sale.. I asked a question about a chair, she asked a question about the kids.. on & on this went, til I finally made up my mind on which one I wanted.. I think she was sad to see us go!!! I'll take a pic of my new chair as soon as I can get it home!! Darnit.. I was really looking forward to sleeping in it tonight......

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