Friday, May 19, 2006

Cleaning Day!!

My house is getting a good cleaning!! Thanks to M~, my air vents are now clean!! Thank you so much sweetheart for licking them clean!! She has really been a ham lately!! She is constantly babbling and laughing, it's really cute!!

We really are getting excited for our visit this weekend with Aunt Shelly & Uncle Paul, Luke & Alex, Also, Mawmaw & Papou will be coming too! The boys are going to the Baseball game on Saturday while the girls stay behind!!

If you hadn't noticed, I changed the name of my site.. It was "tripped up", but after someone brought it to my attention, that some people might get the wrong idea and think that I was on drugs.. I changed it.. Folks.. No drugs here!!! I'm so naive that I had no idea that the word "tripped" could mean such a thing.. geesh!

Ok.. the party planning is in full swing now!! We hope to get our picture done next week and have invites in the mail soon! For those of you wondering.. our party will be on Saturday June 24th at our house, so save the date!!! Chad asked me one day.. What the heck are we going to do to keep everyone entertained.. I mentioned to him that we do have this big hole in the back yard and maybe we could fill it with some water??? Hmmmm great idea!! We hope to have our Volleyball net up too..

I hope to have lots of pics of our weekend up on Monday!! See you then!! have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I only wish I could be there for the birthday bash!! What fun that will be. The new site is great!

Love, Martha

Anonymous said...

Stef & Chad,

Your family is incredibly adorable....and I would warmly embrace the opportunity in spending time with you all...In fact I will be in town on that Friday, 23rd, for another special occasion. So the timing is perfect!

Love you all,

Mike.... :O)